Which God Is Responsible For Government Job?

If you want to find out which God is responsible for getting a government job, then continue reading this article as it will help you with the same.

A lot of people want to work for the government, and they’re willing to spend any amount of money and work as hard as they can to get it. But is this enough? It takes more than hard work to make it in this tough race. Those who did well in school and got good grades would have been immediately hired for government jobs if hard work and talent were the only factors. It doesn’t always happen that way. To get a job with the government, luck is very important, and an astrology chart can help you find luck.

There is no point in moving forward if the person is not meant to get a government job. On the other hand, if the astrology chart shows that the person will get a government job, they will. People who want to work for the government should check to see if their horoscopes back that goal. If not, the person should change careers based on what the stars say. This piece goes into great depth about how promises are made for people who want to work for the government and which god is in charge of these jobs.

Different Gods That You Should Worship To Get A Government Job

Below we have shared different God’s mantras, planets, and remedies that you should regularly practice to increase your chances of getting a government job. Additionally, if you want to know more about your future predictions, there are various free chat with astrologer online in India, which you can use.

Important Gods And Their Mantras For Chanting

Here are some Gods’ mantras that you should chant regularly to get selected for your dream job.

  1. Ganesh Ji’s Mantra

This simple Hindu mantra draws positive energy, which leads to a plethora of job prospects. On Wednesday, if you want to draw attention to a certain job opportunity, make sure you wear yellow and say this phrase while looking north.

  1. Hanuman Ji’s Mantra

This phrase works well for landing new jobs, promotions, and success. Spend around fifteen minutes a day in meditation with Lord Hanuman, and for twenty-one days repeat this mantra eleven times. Your plea for work will be fulfilled by Lord Hanuman.

  1. Surya Dev’s Mantra

You must take a bath, dress in clean white clothes, and face east before saying this mantra. With the help of your Jaap Mala, say this mantra 108 times for 41 days. In a few days, you won’t get any more possibilities that present themselves.

Important Planets For Government Jobs

Here are some Planets that are responsible for getting into government services.

  1. Saturn

When it comes to astrologically-related careers in the public sector, Saturn is a major player. It stands for duty, self-discipline, and hard work. People whose birth charts prominently include Saturn often find success in administrative and bureaucratic roles inside the government.

  1. Jupiter

Jupiter stands for advancement, wisdom, and comprehension; he is the “Guru” of Vedic astrology. This is an essential consideration when looking at people for public office. A strong Jupiter in your birth chart can be a sign of opportunities for promotion and achievement in public service.

  1. Sun

The Sun is a symbol of recognition, authority, and leadership. People in positions of authority in government can have considerable influence. Sun placement in a birth chart might suggest the potential for advancement to authoritative roles, but an overly dominant Sun can cause power clashes and ego issues. 

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Remedies That You Should Follow

Check out the different remedies that we have shared below as they will help you in the process of getting your job.

  • While you do these cures, remember to have an optimistic attitude.

  • Use a copper vessel to give water or haldi as a sacrifice to the Sun.

  • Also, repeat the mantra Aum Aditya Namah 108 times.

  • Another way to appease the Sun is to wear a crimson jewel.

  • Devote a period to standing or sitting near the Sun as an act of worship.

Wrapping Up


If you want to work for the government, astrology can help you figure out what jobs you might be interested in. But remember that your actions, skills, and hard work are what will make your career successful. Also, you should work hard at your job to meet your goals. Astrology can help you learn more about yourself and grow as a person. Additionally, if you wish to add something to this blog post, share it with us via the comments section below.

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