Synthetic Biology Platform to Empower Synthetic Biology R&D

The Synthetic Biology Platform is a comprehensive toolbox and fully integrated platform to empower synthetic biology research and development. 


Synthetic biology is an emerging interdisciplinary field that combines principles of engineering and biology to create artificial lives or re-design organisms for useful purposes. In fact, designing a platform that could carry out full-scale biosynthesis development from chemicals to enzymes in one place can save much cost and time for synthetic biology researchers. Given the need, a cutting-edge Synthetic Biology Platform is developed to offer technical support for the development of synthetic biology applications.


The Synthetic Biology Platform integrated with the CRISPR technology can regulate gene expression needed for synthetic biology more efficiently and precisely. Complex genetic circuits based on CRISPR allow for more accurate regulation of gene expression in terms of expression levels and timing than traditional methods. Besides, combined with microfluidic technologies, the Platform allows for precise environmental control while capturing high-quality data. Ever since the introduction of the first synthetic genetic circuit, the development of synthetic biology and microfluidics have been intertwined. Hence, in utilizing the Synthetic Biology Platform, researchers can not only achieve low-cost and high-yield biosynthesis of specific products by incorporating a precision fermentation process but also take advantage of the robust integrated tools, such as omics, bioinformatics, and nanotechnology, that elevate the Synthetic Biology Platform beyond conventional technological applications. 


With powerful capabilities and flexibility, on the one hand, the Synthetic Biology Platform can select an appropriate framework for research, including minimal genomes, bacterial chassis, cell-free synthetic biology chassis, and many others, for the next generation of synthetic biology chassis to display biological complexity and predict behaviors. On the other hand, the platform can improve the yield of chemicals, amino acids, peptides, proteins, and enzymes using genome editing, microbial fermentation, and many other synthetic biology strategies.


Synthetic Biology Platform is able to offer a wide range of enabling technologies and a comprehensive synthetic biology toolbox to help researchers accelerate the design and construction of new biological entities or the re-design of natural biological processes through the iterative Design-Build-Test-Learn (DBTL) cycles of synthetic biology. This system is dedicated to assisting synthetic biology researchers around the world with custom synthetic biology services and effective strategies. 


About the Synthetic Biology Platform

The Synthetic Biology Platform is a state-of-the-art solution platform for scientific research and discovery. Its flexibility can meet all demands of the synthetic biology industry and those of various business units in R&D organizations today, thus rapidly adapting and scaling up to meet whatever requirements researchers may raise.

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