Synthetic Biology Platform: Meet All Synthetic Biology Demands in One Place

The Synthetic Biology Platform is designed to program comprehensive biosynthesis development in one place.


The goal was to develop a platform that could program comprehensive biosynthesis development in one place, and since then, it has become a reality. The Synthetic Biology Platform is a disruptive technology platform focusing on synthetic biology, which can contribute to the advancement of diverse areas, including but not limited to industrial biotechnology, pharmaceutical, agriculture, and healthcare research.


The Synthetic Biology Platform integrates engineering principles and a broad range of methodologies from various disciplines, such as biology, bioinformatics, chemistry, physics, mathematics, and computer science. It’s designed to perform strain-based chassis engineering as well as biosynthesis development for various molecules, thus gaining insights into disease mechanisms, identifying novel drug targets, and accelerating drug discovery and development.


Combining the very robust technologies of CRISPR, microfluidic, nanotechnology, omics, and bioinformatics, the Synthetic Biology Platform reaches beyond traditional technology applications, providing cutting-edge synthetic and analytical tools, as well as elucidating the biology and chemistry functionalities. Instead of following a narrow, vertical structure, it embraces a platform-based model, and its synthetic biology toolboxes can help researchers accelerate the design and construction of new biological entities or the re-design of natural biological processes and pathways through the iterative Design-Build-Test-Learn (DBTL) cycles when utilizing the Synthetic Biology Platform.


The Synthetic Biology Platform offers reliable biosynthesis development for a large selection of chemicals, natural compounds, industrial enzymes, etc., which could seamlessly integrate into the subsequent workflows, thus greatly accelerating workflow efficiency. In addition, the Synthetic Biology Platform is able to achieve appropriate chassis engineering for gene editing, gene mutation, and many other applications. More importantly, it is capable of designing, building, testing, and learning together to streamline and standardize the whole project process, including host selection, modeling, genetic engineering, sequencing, and data analysis. 


Not to mention, the Synthetic Biology Platform consists of modules designed to provide scientists with an intuitive, easy-to-use, and comprehensive set of tools that come seamlessly together to form an enterprise-ready scientific informatics platform. With powerful capabilities and flexibility, it can support and facilitate the applications of synthetic biology in a wide range of areas. Meanwhile, it also can be customized to tailor solutions according to researchers’ unique and innovative demands. In other words, everything they need – in one place.


About the Synthetic Biology Platform

Synthetic Biology Platform is a state-of-the-art solution platform for scientific research and discovery. Its flexibility can meet all demands of the synthetic biology industry and those of various business units in R&D organizations today, thus rapidly adapting and scaling to meet whatever requirements researchers may raise.

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