Silicone Textile Softener Market is Anticipated to Rise at a Substantial CAGR

MarkNtel Advisor’s latest research report highlights that the Global Silicone Textile Softener Market is projected to grow at a considerable CAGR during the forecast period, i.e., 2022-27. One of the major factors would be the constant expansion and evolution of the textile industry in countries, such as China, India, the US, and the European Union. Prompt technological advancements and rapid industrialization have facilitated the modern installation for resourceful fabric production due to which the demand for silicone textile softeners is being fueled.

The report further states that silicone textile softeners offer several benefits, such as providing softness & smoothness to the fabric, resistance to abrasion, elasticity, wrinkle resistance, and others which has augmented its demand through 2022-27. Also, major companies are planning to set up new fabric production plants in developing countries which has triggered the market growth in an upward trajectory. The rising demand and the expanding production of cotton fabric-based clothing is also a major factor driving the Global Silicone Textile Softener Market.

Prominent Companies Retaining a Considerable Share of the Global Silicone Textile Softener Market

Some of the major companies in the Global Silicone Textile Softener Market include Cosmo Speciality Chemicals, Tian Sheng, Nicca, Momentive Performance Materials Inc., Fineotex, Dow Chemicals, ShinEtsu, Wacker Chemicals AG, Sarex Chemicals, Rudolf Group, and Others. With the constant implementation of diverse marketing strategies and continuous evolvements, these market players are seeking to lead the market in the coming years as well. 

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Evaluating the Global Silicone Textile Softener Market Segmentation

·         By Type (Inactive Silicone Softener, Active Silicone Softener, and Modified Silicone Softener)

·         By Fabric Type (Cotton, Wool, Silk, Polyester, Nylon, and Other Synthetic Fiber)

·         By Region (North America, South America, Europe, Middle East & Africa, and Asia Pacific)

Modified Silicone Textile Softeners are anticipated to capture the leading market share in 2022-27. The quick expansion and development of the textile finishing industry attributed to the launch of novel technologies and fibers to ensure a greater level of comfort and provide ecological green products to consumers is augmenting the segment’s growth. Being the most widely used fabric softeners in the textile sector, Modified Silicone Textile Softeners cater to the necessities of high-grade finishing of fabrics & enhance their hydrophilic, oil, and antistatic properties. All these aspects lead to its high demand, thus propelling the overall market growth.


Asia-Pacific captured a significant market share in the historical year 2017-21 in the Silicone Textile Softeners Market owing to the escalating textile manufacturing capacity across Asia-Pacific. The region has continued to be a center of outsourced manufacturing for multinational companies like Nike, Adidas, Old Navy, etc. Moreover, the evolving trends in the fashion industry especially the young generation’s clothing choices have impacted Asia-Pacific’s textile industry significantly further boosting the Silicone Textile Softeners Market. Furthermore, India accounted to be a prominent contributor to the market growth in 2020 given the burgeoning investments in the historical years to proliferate the production capability to fulfill the requirements of domestic consumption and the export demand globally. 

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