Reasons Why I Stick to Bright Necklaces Include

The necklace is essential to body decoration; conversely, it communicates or shows who you are, as anciently stated. Necklaces can convey power, wealth, identity, position, affiliation, or any sentiment you want to keep close to. The old-day necklace was made entirely from natural materials like animal sinew or vine. But in modern days, they come in different styles and use various materials. 

In the current market, several necklaces are being invented gradually as the designs flow daily. Why this growth? A couple of necklaces is a piece of jewelry that is unique and beautiful in expressing one’s love and commitment. The jewelry goes beyond fashion; they are sentimental and have been popular for centuries. But now, Totwoo Smart Jewelry has stepped up the game by producing a necklace that combines fashion and technology, and this technology feature makes it a necklaces that connect. Through every touch and tap, an expression of emotions is displayed. Here are examples of Totwoo bright jewelry necklaces and their undefeated features;

We have a bold, smart necklace set with natural agate (Black + Silver); the necklace vibrates or lights up with a touch or a tap from a person. How was it designed? It was inspired by the triangle, which represents four main elements of emotions that are;

  • Confidence

  • Stable love

  • Brave

  • Perseverance

The necklace has various features which are pretty remarkable; for instance, if you tap the necklace twice, it sends ‘I miss you’; if you triple tap, it sends ‘I love you’. The light and vibration intensity are adjustable. If you have the Totwoo app, you can also chat with your partner; interestingly, you can never miss a call from your loved one since the necklace will remind you of an incoming call from your partner with a gentle flash or a vibration. 

Sun and moon touch necklace with natural agate set for two (black + Silver). This necklace provides a simple way of communication between lovers when they are far away. It is a long-distance touch necklace. The necklace has been designed with precious natural agate at the centerpiece. The black agate stands for the Sun pendant, while the white agate symbolizes the Moon pendant. 

The two different kinds of necklaces provide unimaginable advantages over other necklaces in town. It allows you to feel deeply connected even if you are far away. Here are the reasons why people scramble for Totwoo smart jewelry;

  • It gives the couple various opportunities to connect. By tapping or touching the pendant, the other partner will see a flash or vibration. You can create and share unique connections.

  • It gives you and your lover a private space where you can express your love through audio, video, pictures, or texts on the Totwoo app. When you touch the jewelry, a message will pop up; different messages are sent according to the number of taps. 

  • You can also receive an alert with a gentle flash or vibration when your loved one calls, so you will never miss a call from them.

  • The Totwoo app can record vital dates of your life and lets you know when the special day arrives with a flash or a vibration. It is a perfect tool to help you celebrate an anniversary or a shared memory. 

  • The Totwoo necklaces are designed with waterproof protection for life usage. But knowing how to handle your necklace to avoid unnecessary damage is good. For instance, when taking a shower or swimming, it is recommended to put it aside. Don’t store it in frequently moist places, and avoid dropping the necklace. 

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