My Journey Across India with one way cab

Adventure has always been dear to me since it helps one to get exposed to various opportunities and new experiences in life. This time, my travels were focused across amazing Indian cities ranging from the religious heart of India, Varanasi to the capital city of Delhi, the yoga capital of Rishikesh, the well-planned city of Chandigarh and ending to the pink city of Jaipur. one-way taxi service was my go-to partner in this journey; it is one of the leading one-way taxi services which did not let me face any glitches during my whole journey.




Varanasi: A city standing on the trident of Mahadev


My voyage began from Varanasi, a place energized by the holy river Ganges surrounded by big ancient structures telling timeless tales. Famous for its religious beliefs and highly associated with Lord SHIVA, Varanasi has eighty-four Ghats, each having its historical and spiritual importance. As I began my morning at one of the most famous ghats in Varanasi named Dashashwamedh Ghat, I watched the enchanting Ganga Aarti and could sense an aura of spirituality in the atmosphere.


I was able to move easily around the crowd some narrow allies of Varanasi with the help of a one-way cab. Their car rentals were fitted with comfortable and well-conditioned seats, some of which can be reclined down for people to sleep while the interiors were laced with video and audio systems. One of my drivers who was a localite, narrated about the mythological Kashi as we headed to the Kashi Vishwanath Temple, a jyotirlinga, one of the most famous temples devoted to Shiva. A quick stop at a street food corner to savor some delicious kachoris and jalebis was the perfect treat to bid my farewell to the Mahadev ki Nagri.




Delhi: The City of Nightlife and Historical Grandeur


There, my next stop was the bustling city of Delhi which offers both a touch of the modern and the antiquity. My one-way trip taxi helped me to take an early pick-up facility and the car had all the safety gadgets such as seat belts, airbags, and tracking devices. Contrary to people’s impression, Delhi certainly has a vibrant nightlife scene, but my first stop in my tour around the city was the Red Fort, which gave me a glimpse of the monarchic magnificence of the Mughals in India.


My next destination was Chandni Chowk, another street where people go to shop and life is jostling and noisy despite its vibrant beauty. From eating hot spices on sale to bargaining for native made apparel and handicrafts, the markets can be well described as an assault on the senses. That evening I proceeded to Akshardham Temple, one of the latest temples constructed as a masterpiece of Divine art. The sound and light show here is a must-see; with the help of light and sound program one can get to know the history and spiritualities of India.



Rishikesh: The Tranquil Yoga Capital


My outstation cabs one way drove me away from the concrete jungles of Delhi, towards the self-announcing yoga capital of the world- Rishikesh. It was hard to imagine that the city had once been involved in such turmoil and intense fighting; however, as you stand on the suspension bridges, both: Lakshman Jhula and Ram Jhula with the Ganges River flowing nearby, you would hardly think about it. Availability and flexibility of booking with one-way cab made me choose convenient time to have my tour with river rafting. This was a once in a lifetime experience and could not be compared to any other on any river.


Rishikesh is also famous for the enigmatic Guptkashi, which was the hiding place of lord Shiva when the Pandavas were looking for him. Here, there is a renowned spiritual energy which makes it to be most suitable for prayers and other religious activities. I performed yoga in the evening by the banks of the river which was an exciting way of enjoying the evening while at the same time stretching myself physically and mentally as well gave me the feeling of connecting with the heart of the earth.



Chandigarh: The First Planned City


From Rishikesh, my journey continued to Chandigarh, a city known for its meticulous planning and cleanliness. My one-way cab ride was smooth and scenic, thanks to their professional drivers who possess an excellent knowledge of local culture and heritage. The Rock Garden, an eclectic mix of art and recycling, was my first stop; Created by Nek Chand, it is an example of how humans can convert scrap and waste of industrial and urban life into an aesthetic beauty


To sum it up, Sukhna Lake gave a pleasant boat ride experience stretching in vicinity with the quiet and placid water surfaces. The boating here was so lovely, and it was a far more relaxing experience, unlike the buzzing ambiance of the cities that I see before. The well-planned roads of Chandigarh with trees planted on both sides were something that I found appealing and the fact that I was on my own throughout the trip and had no confirmed arrangement for traveling- at least I had a reliable taxi service to cater to my needs.




Jaipur: The Pink City of Royalty


Finally, my journey’s end was Jaipur, the Pink City, the royal flavor of Rajasthan is best evident here. one way cab provided me with a comfortable trip and the enthusiasm to visit the captivating sites in Jaipur made me quite eager, to be frank. Locally available throughout the day and night, the one-way taxi service near me ensured I had a ride at my convenience. I started my tour with Hawa Mahal, a pink structure with pretty windows or rather beautiful intricate work of a lattice. The bright-colored palace was designed to house royal ladies to watch street carnivals, and the uniqueness of its construction contributes to its wonder.


Jal Mahal, also known as the Water Palace, and justifying to its name this complex is built on the Man Sagar Lake and seemed to float on the water; the image was bewitchingly hypnotizing. The noisy bazaars of Jaipur with their narrow roads lined with stalls that sold clothes, jewelry and other locally made crafts were a shoppers’ delight. They offered their services at comparatively lower prices, which made me go on another voyage of shopping spree. Finally, I toured the enormous Amer Fort before heading back to Mumbai, this fort saw the Rajputs write their history and it provided a bird’s eye view from the top.



A Last note after soaking all the above places in.


It was an excellent experience to explore these wonderful cities of India and the journey to these places was comfortable as it came along with one-way car rental in India. The convenience of this company’s availability of well-maintained fleets and booking through an online portal made my booking process fast and secure. The attention to detail and personalized itinerary provided me with the opportunity to develop my way of traveling through the cities. If there is one thing that I would like to share, if you are thinking of having a one-way cab trip across India then, I recommend this one-way cab because travelling it was very comfortable and enjoyable.




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