How to Set Up Wi-Fi at the Brother MFC-L2710DW Printer

Setting up your Brother MFC-L2710DW printer on a Wi-Fi network permits you to print wirelessly from your pc, telephone, or pill. This manual affords a complete, step-by-step technique to help you set up WiFi for your Brother MFC-L2710DW printer correctly.

Step 1: Prepare Your Wi-Fi Network

Before beginning the setup system, ensure you have got the following information equipped:

Network Password (Security Key): The password on your Wi-Fi network.

Make sure your router is powered on and functioning nicely. It’s also a very good idea to place your printer near the router at some point of the setup technique to make sure of a strong sign.

Step 2: Turn on Your Printer

Plug your Brother MFC-L2710DW printer to an electricity supply.

Press the electricity button to show it on.

Step 3: Access the Printer’s Control Panel

Using the Printer’s Display:

Step 4: Connect to the Wi-Fi Network

Navigate to Network Settings:

Press the Menu button at the printer’s manipulate panel.

Use the arrow keys to scroll to Network and press OK.

Select WLAN and press OK.

Choose Setup Wizard and press OK.

Search for Available Networks:

The printer will search for Wi-Fi networks. This may additionally take some moments.

Once the quest is whole, a list of available networks (SSIDs) could be displayed.

Select Your Network:

Use the arrow keys to locate your Wi-Fi community from the listing.

Select your network and press OK.

Enter the Network Password:

When brought about, enter your Wi-Fi network password the usage of the keypad. The keys correspond to numbers and letters (just like texting on older mobile telephones).

Use the # key to replace among uppercase, lowercase, and numbers.

After entering the password, press OK to verify.

Confirm Connection:

The printer will try to connect with the selected Wi-Fi community. This might take a few moments.

If the relationship is a success, you will see an affirmation message on the display.

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Step 5: Install the Printer Driver and Software

To use your Brother MFC-L2710DW printer wirelessly, you need to put in the ideal drivers and software to your laptop.

Download the Drivers:

Visit the Brother support internet site (help.Brother.Com).

Enter your printer model (MFC-L2710DW) and go to the Downloads phase.

Select your operating machine and download the advocated driving force and software package.

Install the Drivers:

Run the downloaded installer file.

Follow the on-screen instructions to put in the printer drivers and software.

During the set up manner, select Wireless Network Connection when triggered for the connection type.

Add the Printer:

The installer will look for available printers to your Wi-Fi community.

Select your Brother MFC-L2710DW printer from the listing and whole the setup method.

 Step 6: Verify the Connection

Once the setup procedure is complete, it’s important to confirm that your printer is hooked up to the Wi-Fi community and might communicate together with your devices.

Print a Test Page:

Open a document in your pc and pick out Print.

Choose your Brother MFC-L2710DW printer from the list of available printers.

 Check the Wi-Fi Indicator:

On the printer’s manage panel, there must be a Wi-Fi indicator light or image.

Incorrect Password:

Ensure you enter the suitable Wi-Fi network password. Passwords are case-touchy.

Weak Signal:

If the printer is just too a ways from the router, it might not get hold of a strong sign. Move the printer toward the router and strive again.


Electronic devices or bodily boundaries can intrude with the Wi-Fi signal. Minimize interference with the aid of retaining the area across the router and printer clear.

Router Settings:

Ensure your router is configured to allow new gadgets to connect. Check for any MAC cope with filtering or different security settings that would prevent the printer from connecting.

Restart Devices:

Sometimes, restarting your printer, router, and laptop can remedy connectivity problems.

Advanced Setup Options

If you need to configure superior settings or opt for the use of different setup techniques, recollect the following alternatives:

WPS (Wi-Fi Protected Setup):

If your router supports WPS, you can join your printer the use of the WPS button. This method bypasses the want to go into a community password manually.

Press the WPS button to your router.

Within  minutes, press the WPS button to your printer (or choose the WPS choice from the printer’s menu).

Manual IP Configuration:

If you’ve got a complex network setup, you would possibly choose to assign a static IP deal with your printer.

Access the printer’s network settings and enter the preferred IP deal with, subnet masks, and gateway manually.


Setting up your Brother MFC-L2710DW printer on a Wi-Fi network is a honest method that includes connecting the printer on your network, putting in the important drivers, and verifying the connection. By following the stairs mentioned in this manual, you can enjoy the ease of wi-fi printing from any device to your network. If you are facing any problem during setup connect with Brother Printer Support . With your Brother MFC-L2710DW related to Wi-Fi, you will be able to print effects and efficaciously.


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