How To Choose the Best Odoo Partner For Your Company

Odoo adapts exactly for your business way to many modules and the capacity to integrate your own traits and 0.33-celebration programs. Sounds excellent, doesn’t it? 

But whilst selecting an ERP for your enterprise, you have to apprehend that the functionality and balance of the gadget are now not most effective at the traits of the platform, however additionally at the professionalism of the experts who put into effect, configure and hold it. 

That is why we take into account it very vital to speak about the way to pick out the right Odoo implementation accomplice and the nice development group. Well, let’s get to the point.

Check Their Expertise

When choosing an Odoo developer, it is essential not to bark up the wrong tree. You don’t have to look for the bottom-priced companion. Savings in this case isn’t suitable. A capability contractor has to have the necessary expertise and abilties for the Odoo improvement and implementation.

It is primary to apprehend that Odoo may be applied to organizations of various kinds. In a perfect world, your companion works on tasks for your industry. For example, in case you want to put in force Odoo for your restaurant, it makes sense to look for a developer who specializes in putting in place ERP mainly for the restaurant business.

Ask about Technical and Team Capabilities

Odoo ERP is a complex multifunctional machine. In the procedure of working with it, questions can also every now and then arise, for instance, technical ones. The developers crew must promptly and correctly solve all issues. Into the good buy, we advise taking note of a few greater nuances.

  • Who is operating on the group? Is there an assignment manager who will be accountable especially in your assignment?

  • Accessibility. Ideally, the developer is available 24/7 and can solve your problem regardless of time.

  • Ease of verbal exchange. You should feel comfortable communicating with the developer.

  • Personalization. Give preference to corporations that method your assignment individually over those that provide one-stop solutions.

The developer must configure those integrations and modules that your commercial enterprise requires. Moreover, your accomplice needs to teach you and your crew how to work with Odoo ERP. Pay interest to whether or not the associate affords aid after pleasing the mission.

Research the Company’s Reputation

Every Odoo Partner strives to maintain a good reputation on the Internet. You can discover many high quality evaluations of this or that business enterprise. But you furthermore may need a view to distinguish actual reviews from custom designed testimonials. 

Look for the developer you’re considering for implementing Odoo ERP in authoritative ratings. Read critiques not most effective on his internet site but also on 1/3-birthday celebration sources, which includes Clutch.Co or Goodfirms.

Odoo Partnership Status

Undoubtedly the Odoo ERP crew is committed to companions imposing the platform in the first-rate feasible manner. In reality, it is hard to disagree that the functioning of the gadget, and as a result its reputation, relies upon the best settings. That’s why Odoo defines partnership stages for builders.

  • Gold. Congratulations! You are coping with professionals. Gold repute is for reliable developers with big enjoyment in platform implementation.

  • Silver. Silver companions are a little off the Gold ones however nonetheless have the consideration of the Odoo group and can implement complex solutions.

  • Ready. Certified builders can enforce Odoo ERP to a simple degree and aren’t able to resolve complex troubles.

That is, as you already understood, you need a certified accomplice. You should recognise that corporations without let in and certificates additionally function inside the market. Be wary of such developers due to the fact when operating with them, no person can assure a hit result.

Number of Successful Odoo Implementation

You can agree with a developer who has dozens of efficiently carried out projects in his portfolio. It all over again confirms the qualifications and professionalism of the Odoo accomplice. 

See which agencies used the offerings of the contractor you’re thinking about. Make positive that his portfolio consists of completed initiatives within the same subject as your enterprise.

Bottom Line

Now you are inside and understand how to select a reliable Odoo implementation companion for your project. Let’s summarize.

  • Look for an authorized Odoo accomplice with a stable song file.

  • Explore a business enterprise’s portfolio and testimonials on impartial platforms.

  • Make certain the developer already has finished tasks for your enterprise.

  • Take into account before and after aid conditions.

  • Assess the communique competencies and organizational level of the developer.

We hope you currently have sufficient records to pick out a trusted Odoo developer. And don’t forget, with a properly configured ERP, your business will run like clockwork.


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