CD BioSciences Pioneers the Frontier of Marine Drug Development


CD BioSciences has announced its marine drug development services for anticancer therapies, pioneering a new frontier in novel drug R&D.

Recently, CD BioSciences has announced the release of marine drug development services aiming to move forward the frontier of this area. Utilizing cutting-edge marine biological analysis techniques and unique platforms, CD BioSciences provides customers with tailored research services to produce efficient marine pharmaceutical products for cancer therapies.


“Our company is a biotechnology service provider of marine resource development and marine biological analysis. We hope to empower researchers to make full use of marine organisms in their drug research,” said the marketing manager of CD BioSciences. “We feel proud to introduce our marine drug development services for global drug manufacturers and formulators to pioneer the frontier of this space together.”


In the past 20 years, a prominent feature of marine drug research has been the development of new drugs and novel products. Marine resources are abundant with enormous potential, which can bring good economic and social benefits. Research shows that marine drugs bring a great wealth of active substances and have significant effects on anticancer, antitumor, antibacterial, and other diseases. Compared to traditional anticancer drugs, marine drugs have gradually become active in biomedicine due to the advantages of low cost and risk. How to reasonably explore and utilize marine organisms for disease treatment is a topic worth paying attention to for everyone.


CD BioSciences has rich experience in the field of marine medicine research. Driven by advanced technologies and innovative strategies, the company can help biopharmaceutical companies and institutions identify and isolate novel marine compounds with therapeutic potential using high-throughput screening techniques, bioassays, and advanced analytical methodologies. With the hope to dive deeper into marine biology, transform their values, and ultimately achieve the goal of improving the research outcomes through joint efforts, CD BioSciences leads the way in marine resource development.


CD BioSciences’ innovations in structure elucidation, synthesis of new compounds, and bioassays enable the isolation and evaluation of countless unique anticancer compounds from marine environments. With the capability to extract novel marine compounds from marine plants, invertebrates, and symbiotic microorganisms, and prepare samples for following biological analysis and testing of compounds in different directions. CD BioSciences makes anticancer drug development easier. Additionally, CD BioSciences can also assist companies in conducting drug discovery, preclinical general toxicology, genotoxicity, carcinogenicity, and reproductive toxicity to assess the safety of new drugs.


About CD BioSciences

CD BioSciences is a biotechnology company in the marine biology industry and centrosomal research services. With scientific expertise and validated biosynthetic methods, the company helps clients turn clear insights into confident decisions. CD BioSciences’ extensive service catalog supplies everything from stand-alone research to complete drug development research packages.


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