Benefits of Free Credit Cards, Eligibility & Application Process

Credit Card Companies issue a varied range of credit cards to customers worldwide. Each credit card comes with unique features and pros and cons. With so many cards available in the financial sector, each card comes with an annual membership charge providing benefits of a wide range.

A few credit cards are available without any fees or charges. They are lifetime free credit cards. Since they are free, they come with few benefits.

Many people are willing to enjoy the limited features of a credit card by not paying any annual fees to the banks or the financial institution and can apply for these free credit cards.

Process of Application for a free credit card.

  1. Online Application Process.

An applicant must satisfy all credit card eligibility criteria for applying for the free credit card online. For the online process, the applicant must log on to the website portal of the bank or financial institution and fill up the application form.

The selection of the required credit card from the available choices is done. The card selection process is based on one’s income limit, budget, etc. After having filled out this form, the applicant can submit the form.

The back-end team of the bank receives dozens of applications daily and are sent for verification. Once everything seems clear, the applicant will receive communication about the same in a few working days.

After further processing of documents and completing the process, the profile gets approval and a credit card is issued to the applicant.

  1. Offline application.


An applicant who is uncomfortable with the online process can visit a bank branch of his choice or wherever one holds an account and apply for a free credit card. In such cases, hard copies of documents must be submitted. While doing this, one can easily select a card of their choice and requirements.

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Eligibility criteria of an applicant for free credit cards

Every credit card issuer has its eligibility criteria for its applicants based on most factors known best to them. But here are a few general credit card eligibility criteria to receive a free credit card for a lifetime.

  1. Age.

The minimum age of the applicant must be at least 21 years.

  1. Income.

The applicant should have a permanent and stable income source.

  1. Credit score.

A credit card issuer always looks for a decent credit score of the applicant to reduce fraud.

  1. Valid proofs.

An applicant must have valid identification and address proof documents like PAN, Aadhar, etc. Such documents are issued and stamped by the government of the country. 

  1. Citizenship.

The credit card issuer gives priority to the citizen of the country.

  1. No dues certificate.

The applicant must possess a clear payment history if a credit card was held by one.


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Major features and advantages of Lifetime Free Credit cards.

  1. A major benefit of a lifetime free credit card is that there is no need to pay an annual fee.

  2. Credit cardholders of lifetime free credit cards sometimes earn reward points with every transaction.

  3. A few free credit cards provide good travel and dining credits.

  4. Free credit cards may also provide cashback sometimes.

  5. Waivers like fuel surcharge waivers can be one of the many benefits which a cardholder can enjoy even without any annual fees.

  6. A free credit cardholder may also enjoy a good or high withdrawal limit even without having to pay an annual fee.

Major Takeaway.

Credit card users must possess an ample amount of knowledge when it comes to purchasing any financial product. In the case of a credit card, if the applicant does not fully know about the product, it can cause one to go down with debt. The offers provided by the card might be limited and a few upgrades might be chargeable.

Free credit cards might come with hidden charges sometimes. Since they are lifetime free, the benefits and privileges might not come for a lifetime. The offers and terms keep changing from time to time and most of the time the offers are valid for only a certain time. It is mandatory to read all the terms and conditions before one applies for free credit cards.

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