10 Key Factors to Consider When Choosing Tiles for Home


Tiles are one of the major decor elements of interior design. Be it indoor or outdoor, you can transform any ordinary space into a mesmerising haven by adding a good tile design. So, if you are considering laying tiles in your home, here are some factors to lay hands on the best tiles. 

Essential Factors to Remember While Picking the Best Home Tiles 

Consider Your Style

The first thing you should consider while determining the right tile design is your style. Whether you prefer a modernised, urban-chic look or a more classic and timeless feel, you can infuse tiles that suit your style and will uplift your home decor. 

Think about Location 

You should pick the tiles according to the location and purpose of the space. For example, you must pick durable porcelain or vitrified floor tiles for flooring in heavy-traffic areas. The floor tiles must also be immune to resist stains and scratches to retain the beautiful look for years. Also, wall tiles are excellent for decorating walls. 

Look at the Finish

The tile’s finish can greatly impact any space’s overall appeal and feel. The ideal finishes are matte and glossy. If you are looking for stylish home tiles, you should consider these finishes. Matte finishes offer a softer, cosy feel with a sense of refinement, while glossy finishes offer a luxurious sheen look to expand and illuminate a space visually. 

Consider Maintenance 

While exploring tile options for your home, you must remember to consider the maintenance needs of the tiles. Some tile variants need more frequent upkeep than others. For example, natural stone tile options may need regular sealing, while porcelain tiles do not require regular maintenance. So, you must consider the amount of upkeep you are willing to commit to while selecting the tiles. 

Think about Colour

The colour of any tile design can also greatly impact the overall look of the space. Light tones offer a light-hearted feel while making the space appear larger. On the contrary, dark tones can provide a dramatic and bold look to any space, creating a more intimate feel. 

Select the Size

Like tile colour, tile size also greatly influences the overall look and appeal of the space. For example, if you install large tiles in any compact space, they can make the space appear wider or taller by visually expanding it and eliminating the cluttered look because of fewer grout lines. However, small tiles with more grout lines offer a more intricate and detailed look. 

Look at the Material 

Different tile materials have different characteristics, with pros and cons depending on where you lay them. For example, ceramic tiles are widely used and quite pocket-friendly but less durable than porcelain or vitrified tile options. 

Consider the Cost 

Tiles come in a wide price range, so you must consider your budget while choosing the right home tile design. Marble tiles may be costlier than other plain tile designs, but they offer an opulent look and are a more cost-effective option in the long run. 


Get Samples

Getting a few sample tiles before you get a lot is a good idea. This will help you see how your tiles look in your space. You can also use the tile visualiser tool to get a preview of how the tiles may look in your space. This will help you finalise the right tile kind for your space. 



Hope you can now pick the right tiles design for your home. In case you have any confusion, you can reach out to Orientbell Tiles Boutique to get the support of tile experts in selecting the right tiles.


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